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Why Capital Health Solutions?

⇒ We have been serving private clinic market since 1997

⇒ Thousands of satisfied customer with different clinical expertise

⇒ We understand the priorities of the private clinic

⇒ We are a team of technical, and clinical people

⇒ We understand the clinical setup of your practice

⇒ We do not just sell you the equipment but we train your staff and customize the setup of the equipment to fits in your clinical environment

⇒ We understand the steps from doing the study to billing and getting paid, so we help reduce the steps and make your operation efficient by doing some steps within the ultrasound, for example customizing the report format to meet your insurance or billing requirement

⇒ Based on your practice and clinical needs, we recommend the ideal ultrasound system, so you do not end up investing more than you need to without compromising the clinical result and cost of the time.

Ultrasound Systems for a Variety of Practices

Our goal is to help you choose the equipment that best fits the needs of your practice.
We're comfortable working with any manufacturer to help find the perfect equipment for you. From Ultra Sound Equipment for
Vein Practices to Cardiac Echo Systems, we can help you find the best solution with manufacturer direct pricing.